Ways to Make Business Catering Affordable

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Professional catering services can sound like something to have for a special occasion but it doesn’t have to be that way. With our budget-friendly tips you can have holiday parties, employee appreciation events, and even meetings catered with delicious food. When you have professional catering for business events, your employees and clients will feel appreciated and energized! We can guide you to make smart decisions to stay within your budget while providing top-notch food and service for your business events. Read on to learn about our top tips to get started.

Choose The Right Menu Items

Creating a delicious menu is key to a successful event and strategizing the cost is crucial to staying within your budget. Work with your caterer to select dishes that guests will love and will save you money.

There are certain dishes that require less expensive ingredients and labor that will save you on cost. Pasta is just one example of an inexpensive dish that guests always love! Guests are always intrigued by pasta dishes because they feel indulgent and rich while costing you less. Lean on your catering team to help you create the perfect menu to meet your event and budget needs.

Order For Your Guest Count

When planning any event, you’ll want to get an accurate headcount on how many guests will be in attendance. Not only to know how many chairs you’ll need or agendas to print out, but also to provide enough food and drinks. The key to saving money here is to make enough for your guest list and no more.

As the catering professionals, we’ve planned an event or two (thousand!) and can accurately plan the amounts of each item for your guest count so everyone gets plenty to eat but you’ll have minimal leftovers. Extra food prepared but not served means that you paid for food that went to waste and no one likes that! We avoid this common mistake well, saving on your budget.

Buffet-Style Catering Service

Choosing buffet-style catering service will help make your next business catering affordable, but how? When you have buffet-style service, this means that the caterer will prepare the food, bring it to your event, and set it up for service on a table in chafing pans to keep everything hot. When it’s time to dish up, guests will then head to the buffet and serve themselves what looks appealing and what quantity they desire. Because the guests are serving themselves, this will save on the labor costs of having catering staff serving the buffet for them or individually plating the meal for each guest. This is a sure-fire way to save on your budget, making catering for your business possible!

Our catering team is your team! Let us know that you have a budget to stick to and we’ll do our best to create a successful catering event that your guests are sure to love. We’ll help you select budget-friendly meals to build your custom menu that will also impress your guests. When you use fresh, quality ingredients like we do, the dishes are top-notch across the whole menu.

Sterling Catering is the premier caterer in the Twin Cities area. We offer a wide range of dishes to appease all your guests’ palates while staying within your budget. We make professional catering attainable for your business. Learn more about how we can help make your business catering a great success!