Catering Dos & Don’ts

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Having delicious food and great drinks is crucial to any special event’s success. It’s an aspect of any event that guests most look forward to so you want to ensure that you deliver and surpass their expectations to truly make a positive and lasting impression.

There is a lot to consider when planning the catering for your event. The first step is to find the right caterer that has a menu full of options that everyone can enjoy, will work with you to create a custom selection that perfectly suites your event, and expertise to manage the logistics flawlessly. Relying on a quality caterer will relieve the stress from your shoulders. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you with planning along the way:


The Do’s of Catering:


Have A Budget

Before you contact a caterer, it would be best to have a budget decided on. Have a clear idea of how much you want to spend on catering for your special event as this will help in the planning process. Knowing your budget can help you decide on what types of food to serve, the service style of the catering, and more.

Consider Your Guests

After you’ve compiled your guest list, it’s important to keep them in mind while planning your special event catering. You may have guests that are vegan, dairy free, or have kids invited to your event. Work with your caterer to create a custom menu that fits not only the theme and style of your event, but caters to your guest’s needs as well. Individual plated meals may need to be included for those with allergies, offering menu choices for different preferences may be in order, etc.

Plan For Bad Weather

Are you planning an outdoor dining event? We advise to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Weather is unpredictable especially when planning so far in advance of an event date. Always have a backup plan for inclement weather for all aspects of the event, including the meal service – the show must go on!


The Don’ts of Catering:


Try Handling Everything Yourself

You chose a quality caterer with lots of experience and rave reviews. They are experts in their field. Let them handle everything catering like the food and drinks. They could also possibly offer more services like providing the serving dishes, cutlery, glassware, and more. Lean on them to help cut down on having to use multiple vendors, saving you time and money.

Make Changes After Confirmation

Once you’ve confirmed with the caterer your guest list count and the menu, stick with it. The caterer may have already placed an order for all the food and supplies needed for your event. It is difficult to adjust once things have been finalized. Refrain from last minute changes to avoid stress and confusion.

Assume Every Caterer Has the Same Services

Not every caterer is equal. Some caterers specialize in desserts while some may just focus on entrées. Make sure to hire a caterer that can do it all from butler passed appetizers to an elegant plated dinner, delectable desserts to pouring expert cocktails.

With Sterling Catering, you can trust that our team of specialists will help you plan the best event possible, every step of the way. With decades of experience, we’ve catered all types of events- big or small, casual or formal and we have done it and done it well. We are a full-service caterer offering different service styles like buffet, plated, food stations, and family style and have a wide variety of food offerings spanning breakfast to late-night snacks, and everything in between. We will work alongside you to create the menu that best fits the needs of your event and do it with excellent service.

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