Wedding Food Trends for 2024

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Knowing how to select the best food items to fill up your guests and keep them happy through the wedding reception can be a challenge. In 2024, couples are looking for innovative and creative ways to serve delicious food and drinks that will leave guests satisfied and impressed. We are here to help with our tips on what’s trending for 2024. Read on for tips on how to build the perfect catering menu to make your day extra memorable.

Creative Cocktail and Mocktail Experiences

Personalization is the focus in 2024 and couples are incorporating their style into the cocktail menu with creative libations. Build your custom cocktail menu using your go-to drink or create a new one with flavors that you love. Either way, guests will love the creativity, providing them with an extra memorable experience. Be sure to include nonalcoholic versions of these drinks so everyone can partake in the fun!

Take it one step further by incorporating butler-passed hors d’oeuvres alongside these exclusive drinks, enhancing the overall cocktail hour experience. These bite-sized appetizers are not only visually appealing but also provide a variety of flavors and textures for guests to enjoy. They can be creatively presented and served by attentive staff, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the event.

Grazing Tables & Charcuterie Boards

With the explosion of the charcuterie board over the last few years, grazing tables and boards have grown into something that is appreciated even at catered events, like weddings. This style of item is called a grazing table because it allows guests to do just that, graze. When you select one of our boards to put out for your guests, they will come and grab small bites to nibble on while they socialize and interact with each other. Grazing tables are typically filled with a variety of:

  • Cured meats
  • Specialty cheeses
  • Artisan bread
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dips and Hummus
  • Olives
  • Nuts

Grazing tables are great to pair with cocktails to keep guests satiated until the couple has finished with pictures and the reception is ready to begin.


Buffet Style Service

Buffet Style catering in MN
Buffets are becoming more and more popular in the new year. Buffet-style service is when the caterer prepares your custom menu and places the food on a table in large pans with heating or cooling equipment. Guests will then go to the buffet table and dish up their own plates as they see fit. Buffets are the perfect service style for any type of event, large or small. The presentation of the buffet will be beautiful and the food will be fresh and delicious. We’re sure guests will love it!


Thoughtful Late-Night Snacks

Weddings are about celebration and creating an experience that your guests will love. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the late-night snack to keep attendees fueled all night for fun and dancing. These snacks are also a great pick-me-up for those staying to help with the clean-up to give them one last boost of energy.

Our late-night snack offerings include:

  • Nacho Bar
  • Popcorn Station
  • Build-Your-Own-Snack where you can choose chips, nuts, popcorn, pretzels, and more!

These options are a fun way for guests to create their own snack experience after hours of dancing, talking, and celebrating your wedding day.


Experience Culinary Innovation with Sterling Catering

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With years of experience, Sterling Catering has become one of the premier caterers in the Twin Cities and surrounding area. We take that extra step to embrace and offer culinary innovation, adapting to the needs of our clients to exceed their expectations. Inquire now to start planning your wedding with these upcoming trends in mind for an extra special experience.