5 Things To Know About A Tasting For Your Wedding

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Are you planning a wedding but need help figuring out where to start with food options? Our catering team at Sterling Catering offer informal tastings for your big day to give you an accurate sense of your wedding food’s taste and appearance.

A wedding tasting is a perfect opportunity to pick what you will serve at your wedding reception. As such, a catering tasting is an important event that can make or break your wedding. Below are a few important things to keep in mind before contacting us for your wedding​​ tasting

Do You Need To Have A Tasting?

Not always! A catering tasting is optional, especially if you’ve already sampled your event caterer’s previous meals or work. At Sterling Catering, we are a leading catering company dedicated to providing top-notch catering services for a wide range of events in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. We strive to comprehensively understand your needs to avoid surprises on the big day.

A wedding tasting is perfect for trying different styles and options before settling on the final specialties. Our wedding tasting allows you to sample different dish varieties based on your preferences and our recommendations.

When Should You Have A Wedding Tasting?

Ideally, any time between the 7-12 month mark ahead of the big day is the perfect time to schedule your catering tasting. When planning your wedding tasting date, you should also consider the availability of everyone involved in the tasting event.

How Does A Wedding Tasting Work?

Catering tastings generally vary by venue, caterer, and client. We can organize a wedding tasting at Sterling Catering for you, depending on your availability and sample menu preferences, if any.

We welcome you and your spouse to come and sample our best menu items to choose the perfect dishes for your wedding reception. Upon finding your top picks for your wedding day, you can customize your menu further. Such requests can include food preferences and allergies for your wedding guests.

What To Expect At Your Tasting

Wedding tastings allow you to sample the menu you’ve chosen for your wedding reception. You can expect an accurate idea of the caterer’s service and how the food will taste and look.

Prior to the wedding tasting, discuss your expectations and select the dishes you want to try from our menu. Our chefs and sales team can offer their best recommendations if you don’t have a particular wedding menu in mind.

How To Prepare For Your Wedding Tasting

You won’t need to make big decisions ahead of the wedding tasting. However, here are a few things to consider in preparation for your catering tasting:

  • Come with an open mind and have ideas about what you’re looking for.
  • Be prepared with a budget ahead of time to keep the menu discussions focused.
  • Plan to arrive at the tasting session moderately hungry but not starving.
  • Consider your guests’ dietary limitations, like allergies.

Some questions to ask the caterer during your tasting could include:

  • What is included & what isn’t included in the service?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you have liquor liability insurance?
  • Is the catered meal full service?
  • Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?
  • Can you serve special meals for the kids?
  • Who oversees the catering services during the wedding?

Sterling Catering: Your Choice For A Delicious And Memorable Wedding Day Dining Experience

Sterling Catering is the go-to caterer for all your memorable wedding events. We provide top-of-the-line, customized wedding catering services in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. Contact Sterling Catering through our online contact form to plan a wedding tasting before the main event.