Our 3 Favorite Catering Service Styles

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The catering and service style sets the tone for your entire event. Whether you are going for a casual vibe or a formal feel, you will want your catering style to match your theme. Luckily, if you are searching for Minneapolis catering companies that will help you reach your event goals, Sterling Catering can help. Check out these three popular catering styles offered by Sterling to choose for your get together:

1. Stationed Meals

Providing your guests with a few different ‘buffet’ style options at stations is a surefire way to ensure everybody gets something they’ll enjoy! With options like fajitas, mashed potatoes, pasta, crostini, taco, and salad stations – these options will ensure any guest can find something to their liking. This also allows you to offer a wider variety of options when you don’t want to stick to one theme of cuisine.

2. Family-Style Catering

Family-style catering offers guests their meal options right on the table. We like to call it the buffet at your seat option! You select your favorites, and we’ll bring serving platters to each table for your guests to pass around and take from. This can make for a more conversational meal and also allows your attendees to choose what and how much of each dish they want. Fill up your guests and inspire conversation with family-style service.

3.Buffet-Style Catering

Let’s be honest; everyone loves a good ole’ buffet! Offer your guests the opportunity to try a little bit of everything (or a lot of one thing.) This type of service encourages guests to enjoy the venue while also allowing them to indulge in a variety of delicious entrees as they head through the buffet. When you select a buffet as your service option, your catering choice is sure to be a hit.

As a tried and true full-service catering company, we know all the ins and outs of a successful event. We’ve worked with a variety of clients for a wide range of events and know exactly what you need when it comes to food and service. When you work with us, we will help you to choose the perfect food items, service style, and every other little dining detail. Contact us today to view our customizable menus and service options or call us at 612-441-2518 to set up a consultation.