5 Spring Wedding Food Trends You Need To Know

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Spring has sprung, and that means it is officially wedding season! Time to book your venue, coordinate with your wedding photographer, get your dress and tux, and choose your wedding menu. Food is important at any wedding, and that means you want it to be on point and delicious. To help you with your menu planning, we have compiled the top five spring food trends for this year.

1. Multicultural Menus

Couples are embracing their cultures and their favorite types of food and infusing that into their menus. Curries, empanadas, crepes, and the like are all now more than acceptable for a night celebrating your love. When it comes to choosing your menu, do not hold back just because it is not “traditional.” Go with what you love and choose a fantastic caterer.

2. Conversational Seating & Service

Let your guests let loose and have a little fun during dinner! A hot way to set up the room is “tavern style” – long tables with low centerpieces make it easy to have conversations and meet new people. In addition, many people are having family style service to make it easier to interact and jive with new acquaintances.

3. Surprise Food Elements

Push-pops, miniature entrees, unexpected flavors – brides and grooms are going all out to give their guests something they have not seen before. Make your food fun for guests by going with something that will surprise their senses and improve their overall experience.

4. Offer Substitutes for those with Dietary Restrictions

Be kind to your vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and food allergy guests by offering delicious alternatives to classic dishes. Flourless tortes, the heart of palm cakes, polenta cakes and other delicious, yet allergy and dietary restriction friendly dishes, make for a better time for everyone.

5. Daring Dessert Installations

Donut towers, crazy cupcakes, pie tables…the list goes on! Make dessert the pièce de résistance of your menu. Your guests will love admiring and tasting your daring desserts. So really go for it!

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