How To Choose The Perfect Menu For Your Wedding Reception

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If you are stressing over how to choose menu items for your wedding, no worries Sterling Catering is here to help. Planning your menu can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these five simple tips to create a killer menu that will please any foodie but also appeal to the masses.

Top 5 Simple Tips For Choosing Menu Items

  1. Choose the food you actually like. It’s your party, and you’ll eat if you want to. If you absolutely adore a menu item provided by your caterer, get it! Chances are if you love it, your guests will love it too.
  2. Provide multiple options. Not everyone loves to fish, and that’s okay! To be safe, offer multiple entree types or try the new trend of offering several “mini entree” options. The typical offerings hosts provide are chicken, beef, and fish. However, you can also offer other options such as vegetarian or pork if you think your guests would enjoy those types of entrees more.
  3. Keep it clean. Messy sauces and hard to eat food make for nervous guests. No one wants to spill marinara all over their gorgeous silk dress, so make sure you choose options that are easy to eat in addition to being delicious.
  4. Ask for advice. Your caterer has probably been around the block a time or two when it comes to serving wedding guests. Ask them what crowd favorites have been in the past and then choose a few that sound good to you. That way you can be sure to have food that everyone will enjoy.
  5. Choose food that goes with your wedding reception venue and wedding theme. If you’re having a stylish uptown wedding, barbecue might not be the best choice for your reception. However, if your wedding is country chic, barbecue just might be the perfect option.  When selecting your menu, be sure to keep in mind what your vision for the event is and then it will be easy to choose your perfect food service.

To serve a flawless menu at your wedding, you have to choose the perfect caterer. That’s why you should choose Sterling Catering if you are hosting your wedding reception in Minneapolis, or the surrounding areas. Sterling Catering offers amazing and unique food options that will make any guest “ooh and ahh.” To book your tasting, fill out our online form today