Avoid These Common Wedding Bar & Beverage Catering Mistakes

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Like at most prominent events, the food and drink at a wedding can make or break it. Excellent bar service elevates the experience while poor service and communication can cause unnecessary stress for the couple. So how can you avoid common faux pas?

Beverage Catering Tips

  1. Contract, contract, contract: It might sound simplistic, but getting everything down in writing is critical. Having a contract will ensure that you will know what to expect and your beverage caterer will know exactly what to deliver. Plus, it will help you to keep stress low because you can refer back to the contract if you need to remember details about your catering and bar service.
  2. Have Multiple Bars: No one wants to wait in a long line for bar service; that’s why if you are having a relatively large event it’s always smart to have multiple bar locations fully staffed so that your guests can get drinks quickly and then mingle and have fun. Having multiple fully stocked and staffed bars will ensure that your wedding is remembered for years to come.
  3. Not Catering to Your Guest List: Do most of your guests love good, high-quality alcohol? Wow, them with amazing top shelf liquor. Do they love wine country? Provide them with a variety of wines to choose from. Catering to your guests’ preferences is always a good idea when thanking them for spending your special day with you, and experienced bar and beverage catering services can provide you with the options you need to make your party a hit.
  4. Falling for a ‘Deal’: If the price seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Quality catering requires good products and experienced waitstaff. Saving a few extra dollars isn’t worth the headache of dealing with subpar service.
  5. Forgetting Non-Drinkers: Often the focus is solely on the alcoholic beverages which tend to make non-drinkers feel left out and also doesn’t give many options to those who need a break from booze. To help everyone feel included, make sure to offer a good variety of sodas, flavorings, and water at the bar in addition to your alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

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