Delicious and Healthy Lunch Options for Corporate Meetings

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During a long business meeting, energy can start to flag when it’s nearly time for lunch. People need a good meal to keep them going, and making it a nutritious choice has added benefits. That may sound like a lot to take care of, but providing a healthy and delicious meal doesn’t have to be burdensome.

At Sterling Catering, we can provide your team a mouth-watering meal so you can focus on running the meeting with ease . We have a range of tempting options to choose from, and we can help you treat your team without stress.  We will handle all the details so you can execute a successful and productive meeting while providing a tasty perk to your team.



When your team comes together for a corporate meeting, you have important work to get done. Providing your employees with a delicious lunch is one way to support them and let them know their well-being is important to you. Typically, meals  in business meetings are boring, unhealthy, or both. That’s no way to treat vital members of your work team, and it doesn’t help them stay focused and motivated for the rest of the day.

A healthy meal that people enjoy helps them stay alert and engaged. You simply can’t perform at your best if you’re hungry or sleepy from a heavy meal. The right lunch fuels them to do their best. Another big advantage is that employees feel cared for and motivated when they are treated to a delicious meal. 

This doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to achieve, either. The right caterer can provide a range of easy lunch options that leave your hands free to take care of business. You shouldn’t have to worry about lunch the day of your event, so leave it to the experts!

When it’s time to serve the meal, there are two simple ways to do it. You can opt to have gourmet boxed lunches prepared and ready to pass out when it’s mealtime, or you can have the caterer set out a buffet full of delicious options so people can help themselves. Either way, we can make the process run smoothly and ensure your team is well-fed and satisfied.

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At Sterling Catering, we’re confident we can provide food that will delight and nourish your team. Our lunch options include crisp salads with delectable flavors, hearty toppings, and an array of textures. We also create sandwiches with high-quality bread, filled with taste-tempting combinations of ingredients. You just have to try our sandwiches and salads to appreciate how delectable and satisfying they are! 

Our individual lunch boxes are carefully packed to delight, filled with delicious meals. Corporate meals don’t have to be boring or greasy. We’re proud to create fresh, healthy sandwiches and salads that are both satisfying and delightful. Of course, we are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences so no one is left out. 

Or you can opt for one of our buffet catering options to allow guests to dish themselves up and customize their plates as they go. Either way, they’ll love what they see when lunch arrives!



If you’re preparing for a corporate meeting, Sterling Catering is here to help you provide a lunch your employees will love, and we will make the process easy for you. Check out our lunch menu offerings or contact us to start planning your next successful corporate meeting.