What Do Wedding Caterers Provide?

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A wedding caterer’s role is more than just “to provide food” on your special day. A dedicated catering company is there to support you. From elevated cuisine to contributing to an elegant atmosphere to keeping the celebration going with drinks all night, a caterer is the centerpiece of the festivities. Keep reading to find out more about what a wedding caterer will provide, the roles they play in your wedding, what style of catering you might consider for your event, and how Sterling Catering has helped couples across Minnesota plan their big days!

The Basics

A catering company should facilitate everything that goes into supplying the food and drinks for your wedding. Looking for a company, like Sterling Catering, with years of industry experience will reduce the stress on the big day. Qualified caterers have been in the business for a long time. They have the experience working with venues to coordinate everything from the delivery of the food, set up, presentation, serving, and break down. With so many moving parts, a qualified caterer will be the lynchpin of the wedding day, assisting you or your wedding planner with the coordination of the event.

What’s Included in a Catering Package?

Many couples will allocate a significant portion of their nuptial budget for catering. Therefore, understanding what is included in a typical catering package is helpful, as you may not need to outsource for additional services.

  • ​​Food: The most obvious reason to hire a wedding day caterer is for the food! We will cover this in greater detail, but you should carefully consider a wedding catering company for its quality. The most desirable catering companies like Sterling Catering will offer a fresh, diverse menu with various service styles.
  • Beverages: Libations, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are one of the most frequently inquired about services. Inquire if your catering service is inclusive of beverages (We will cover this further below!)
  • Staffing: A wedding catering service is more than just food. From team members who help you craft your concept to full service on the big day, so many professionals are responsible for ensuring that your day goes off without a hitch. Full-service catering companies will employ planners, chefs, servers, bartenders, and more. Close coordination with your wedding day caterer ensures that the event is properly staffed.
  • Rentals: Full-service catering companies, like Sterling Catering, will provide linens, linen napkins, chinaware, flatware, and glassware in their inclusive packages. Always inquire about this, as you will not have to coordinate sourcing these accoutrements from outside rental vendors.

The Cuisine

A distinguished catering company like Sterling Catering knows that nothing makes memories quite like food. That is why it is important to select a catering company that features a diverse, engaging menu. When selecting a wedding catering company, you will work with their staff and chefs to curate a menu tailored to your unique tastes. You will want to consider what you will want to offer.


If you are planning a cocktail hour, think of this as a time to get creative with hors d’oeuvres and have fun experimenting with exciting flavor combinations.


When working with a caterer, you will be prompted to think of the needs of all of your guests. Selecting a caterer with a robust entrée menu will ensure you can provide options well suited for everyone. Inquire about vegetarian and gluten-free options. We work directly with our chefs to make the main course unforgettable.


The best catering companies in Minnesota know that a night is never complete without something sweet. If your catering company offers an array of delicious treats, you won’t have to budget for a separate service.

What Style of Catering?

You will want to decide fairly early in the process what style of dinner you would like to have at your wedding. This means choosing between a formal plated dinner, a more casual family-style, or the more flexible buffet style. These options will affect the overall budget and flow of the event.

You may need to consider the logistics of the location and length of reception when deciding which type of service is right for you. Luckily, the Sterling Catering staff have years of experience working with various popular locations and coordinating catering for events of all sizes. When you inquire, you will get the guidance of our trusted, dedicated professionals.

Beverage Services

Full-Service Catering services like Sterling Catering will typically offer bar services.

Looking for a catering company that offers a superb selection of beverages and seasoned, professional bartenders is critical.

Sterling Catering Beverage services include:

  • Domestic and imported beers
  • Extensive wine list
  • Premium and top-shelf liquors
  • Soft drinks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Knowledgeable bartenders
  • Complete setup and cleanup
  • Glassware rentals

When Should You Hire Your Caterer?

Since wedding catering is such a crucial component to the success of the event, it is advisable to book your caterer well in advance to secure availability. Many couples choose to book the caterer just after or at the same time they select the venue. Especially if your wedding falls during a highly desirable time, it can be helpful to book a year in advance.

A Word of Caution

Some catering companies are not transparent with their additional fees. To avoid incurring unforeseen miscellaneous charges, always ask your wedding caterer direct questions and read your contract carefully. Sterling Catering believes that you should always know what you are getting on your wedding day, without hidden charges. You can use our inquiry form and work directly with our team members to come up with an honest, realistic, custom quote.

Sterling Catering, More Than Just A Catering Company

As Minneapolis’ Premier Wedding Caterers, Sterling Catering prides itself on our attention, dedication, and experience assisting clients on their wedding day. From full-service bar packages, delicious dessert options, and transparent quotes, when you trust Sterling Catering with your wedding day cuisine, you will be getting so much more than a memorable meal. Our expert staff is here to ensure that the process is stress-free, convenient, and exciting. Contact Sterling Catering to begin planning the wedding of your dreams.