Open Bar & Bar Services Guide

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From the food to the venue, you’ve got everything finalized for your upcoming event…that is, except for the drinks. Choosing what to serve and how to serve them can be tricky. That is why you should consider an open bar. If having the stress of choosing what to serve off your shoulders is not enough for you to jump at the chance of having an open bar, here are three more reasons why you should have an open bar at your next catered event:

1. Two Birds, One Stone:

Catering services like Sterling Catering have liquor licenses in Minneapolis, so that means they can do both food and open bar service. You can have everything taken care of with the help of just one vendor. No need to try and figure out the legalities or the logistics of everything, your food and drink caterer will have you covered.

2. A Little Something for Everyone:

Aunt Kathy loves cocktails, Grandpa Jim likes a good draft beer, and the kids all just want soda–that is the beauty of an open bar. No one is ever disappointed because they have, well, just about everything! Make your event a real treat for everyone by simply having what they want to drink on hand and available throughout the party.

3. Keep the Fun Rolling:

Help keep the party going by offering drinks throughout the night. Having drinks (and we are not just talking about alcoholic ones) keeps people refreshed, happy, and excited about your event. So make your big get together even more fun and keep the drinks flowing and the party going.

When it comes down to it, everyone appreciates a good drink and a good time. Have them both when you offer an open bar at your event. If you are searching for Minneapolis catering companies that you can trust, look no further than Sterling Catering. We have everything you need and more to have a great party. Have questions about our bar service? Enquire online and we will be happy to chat with you. Let us help you throw the party of the year — hire us for all your food and beverage needs.